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Hyde Park Properties for Development (HPD) S.A.E. was established in 2011 with a mission to become Egypt’s most valued developer by revolutionising the real estate market and establishing an environmentally and socially-conscious culture. Working in full force, Hyde Park’s dedicated vision and exhaustive strategies have paid off, as the company continues to affirm its positioning and flaunt its success stories. - It all started with a vision to lead a new generation of place-makers in the real estate market; to develop community-based projects that integrate urban living with suburban habitats; to create exceptional and exquisite communities that provide inspiring living experiences for its homeowners. Today we’re on our way to fulfil that vision. - Our positioning as a market leader and innovative place-maker comes with a promise and a commitment. A promise to create inspiring spaces that have meaning and purpose, and a commitment to cultivate communities that not only nurture the human needs of our homeowners, but also accommodate their unique and diverse preferences and demands. [inwave_posts title="Developer's Projects" style="style-1" category="81" post_number="3" order_by="ID" order_type="ASC" number_desc="15" view_all_link="#" items_desktop="3" items_desktop_small="2" items_tablet="2" items_mobile="1" auto_play="yes"]  

Hyde Park Locations and Projects

North Coast:

Coast 82.



Hyde Park New Cairo.


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